Why do I get a Directory Listing when I try to open the website?

I have created three sites for three of my students that want to share their sites with the customer. One site works, but the other two will not open correctly. I get the Directory Listing or it takes me to a page for InfinityFree.

The two sites that don’t work are:

sammysshackk.infinityfreeapp.com This one will not open.
sammysshackc.infinityfreeapp.com This one opens to the Directory Listing.

If your index file is Index2.html, then nothing will happen unless

  1. You rename it to index2.html (notice the lowercase i) or
  2. Add a .htaccess DirectoryIndex Index2.html so it will use Index2.html as the index page.

Thanks so much for the reply! The index isn’t the problem, though. I created the index2 thinking there must be something I was missing the the student’s code. His home page did the same thing as this one, and he has it named index.html.

I would like to try your second suggestion, though. Where do I put that?

Also, we are using Dreamweaver to create these sites.

Which site are you referring to exactly?

For starters, the free subdomains are on infinityfreeapp.com, not infinityfree.com. I edited those in your post, if you don’t mind.

Both sites are showing a Directory Listing for me. And in both cases, the sites have files called Index.html and/or Index2.html. However, please note that our servers, like almost all hosting servers, run on Linux, which means files are case sensitive. So the files should be called exactly index.html, calling them Index.html doesn’t work.


Ahhh! Thank you so much! I have been using .infinityfreeapp.com.

I changed that one simple thing and all three sites are working correctly now! I knew it was something small I was missing.

I appreciate the help!


Ok - here is the next problem. The website will open, but when trying to go to one of the linked pages, we get this:

How do I fix that?

Thanks so much for your help! The two pages not working correctly are:



Because the files don’t exist. Also read:


Once again, please note that our servers are case sensitive.

On one of the web pages, I see a URL to http://sammysshackk.infinityfreeapp.com/Merchandise.html. But the file is called merchandise.html, not Merchandise.html. Please make sure that the links and the file names all use matching casing.

Same as with http://sammysshackc.infinityfreeapp.com/Clothing.html, but the file is called clothing.html.

And the link http://sammysshackc.infinityfreeapp.com/food&Drinks.html is probably matched to the file food_drinks.html. And obviously _ and & are different characters.


One of the girls said if she goes “back” and tries to open the page again, it works.

Here is a screen shot of her files. What do I need to change?

Thank you for being condescending.

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Change the filenames in index.html.

Ok - I have renamed files, recreated the navigation bar, uploaded everything several times, and I still get the 404 error. Here is the code for the navigation bar:

What next?

I also don’t understand why the site sammysshackb.infinityfreeapp.com works even though some of her files are saved with capital letters, but the file sammysshackk.infinityfreeapp.com doesn’t work. I’m just looking for help.

Clear your cache. This site links works: Sammy’s Shack (infinityfreeapp.com)


jaikrishna.t thanks so much for your professional and pleasant help! I’m still working on both sites.

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Wait, so what site is not working for you? Both of them are working perfectly fine for me.

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I just tried putting the www in the address and it worked for all the sites. However, when I tried with just the sammysshackk.infinityfreeapp.com it didn’t work. I did make all the changes suggested and think everything is going work now.

Thank you everyone for your help!

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