Why can't you create sites with ChatGPT on infinityfree?

Hi, I’m building my ChatGPT based neural network and I’m going to create a website with a dialogue box that will send requests to the GPT and get a response from it to the website. For some reason my site was blocked and after a request to clear it - unblocked. Question, why can’t I add ChatGPT to infinityfree hosting? Is it possible to prove that this dialogue window is not with real people but with neural network?

Who was it blocked by? OpenAI or IF? What error did you get?


The site was blocked by infinity free themselves, and even 3 sites were blocked at once, two of which had nothing to do with ChatGPT. When I asked the support “Why?” They answered: chat sites are forbidden on our hosting.

It is not clear which “chat sites” they meant.

No errors in doing so. Just quietly at one moment all three sites were blocked.

Since ChatGPT contains “Chat”, the keyword chat is blocked in filenames, change the filename to something like GPT-3. Another option is to switch to another host.

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My neural network is called AgnesGPT, I have the word “chat” on the file page itself and literally means the chat room where the user sits.

So I need to completely remove the word “Chat” on the entire site, in every line of code?

Yes. And make sure your website does not use systems like AJAX multiple times per minute to consistently check for new messages (which is also against the rules, and you will end up reaching the resource limits).


Oh, thanks! I get it

I’ve been blocked again.

I removed the word Chat from the site name, tried to change the code as best I could, but not even a second after loading the site I was immediately banned. I don’t understand this hosting. I have to 200 lines of JS code to check for one word “Chat”?

Use an alternative free hosting.

What do you mean “blocked”? Have you been suspended? A 403 error? A 5xx error? Be more specific.


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