Why can't I add ca_bundle in infinityfree

Why can’t i add ca_bundle in my infinityfree panel. Then, my browser keep saying that my website is not trustable. Please help me. I have deleted it again and again.

Not available on free hosting.

Read this

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Because the panel doesn’t support this. Why doesn’t the panel support this? I don’t know. Perhaps it was easier to implement, perhaps it was done to push people towards premium hosting, perhaps it was for another reason

Most browsers accept most SSL certificates just fine without the CA chain.

  • Are you sure the SSL certificate itself was installed correctly?
  • Are you actually using HTTPS (having SSL but not using it also means the connection is not secure)?
  • Which SSL provider do you use? The free certificates from Let’s Encrypt and GoGetSSL we provide are all trusted, self signed certificates never are, and certificates from other vendors are generally (but not always) OK too.
  • Which browser do you use? We’ve seen reports from some mobile devices not accepting the certificates. Most devices, and all modern desktop browsers, do accept it.

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