Why am I seeing this instead of my website (im new)

My website URL is:officialarca.epizy.com

What I’m seeing is:what i see - Album on Imgur

I’m using this software: FTP Client (FileZilla)

Do I still have to wait 48 hours because I made this last night

Clear your cache and make sure you replaced the index file and removed that page

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That page means everything is set up correctly and you can start to upload your website. Congratulations!

When uploading your website, make sure that:

  • Your website has a valid index file. This is a file with the name index.html or index.php (case sensitive).
  • You upload your website files directly to the htdocs folder. If your website files are in a subfolder, the server won’t load them.

You can also delete the index2.html file from your account. This will remove the default page and show a directory listing instead.


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