Why Am I seeing 403 error?


When I am clicking on the buttons that say “Show Me”, I get redirected to a page that says error 403. I have checked the forums but previous solutions don’t work for me.
Please help

My website:www.bestinpm.com

I have one more concern. When I go to “www.bestinpm.com”, it seems to redirect me to “http://bestinpm.com/?i=1#”. How can I stop it?


Currently, your website stays on the “www.bestinpm.com” URL when it is clicked on and the change, visually, does not happen for me, in my browser into, therefore the “www” subdomain variant of your URL does not redirect me to the “http://bestinpm.com/?i=1#” URL of your website.

About your “Show Me” buttons, they all have the default redirect location to the subdirectory www.facebook.com of your website, therefore if you wanted them to redirect to the page of your website which is http://bestinpm.com/www.facebook.com you would need to create a folder (subdirectory) in your htdocs directory exactly named as this: “www.facebook.com”.


Assuming that your idea is to create a separate redirection URL for each button when clicked on it you would need to change part of the code that chooses to which directory or external URL from the web button redirects the viewer to upon getting clicked:

Replace the “www.facebook.com” part with a redirecting subdirectory/or internal subdirectory of your website or with the external URL you wanted the button to redirect to upon being clicked.

This will solve the problem once the code is changed to redirect to an existing page of your choice.

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I’m sorry I couldn’t understand. Could you please provide an example.

Also, if this helps, I noticed that once those buttons are clicked it redirects me to:

I’ll explain what I’m trying to achieve just in case:
Those buttons point to an existing third party webpage say google.com or twitter.com or any other website. Once those buttons are clicked, the page/website pointed, should open up in a new tab

Please help

In the HTML code part for your button in ’ a href=“Insert the 3rd party URL which you want to redirect to when the button is clicked, here”.

But that’s what I have done:

<a href="https://www.facebook.com" target="_blank" class="primary-btn text-uppercase">Show Me</a>

Note: these url’s will change every week so, for now I’ve just put www.facebook.com

you’re using Cloudflare
and your browser is holding your website 30 days in cache (current setting)
and therefore you do not see any changes
it is recommended that you first purge cache in cloudflare
after that also clean cache in your browser (CTRL + F5)

I noticed that it when I moved my cursor over the button it showed at the bottom of my browser in the URL display that the URL to which one would get redirected when clicking upon would be one of a subdirectory of name www.facebook.com in your OWN website, therefore in code you had put www.facebook.com, but you must put in https://facebook.com/ as an exampl, since to lead a visitor to an external link you need to start the code with http:// or https:// otherwise HTML will interpret the code as if you tried to redirect the visitors to YOUR OWN website’s subdirectory/folder that is named www.facebook.com when you want to redirect users to an EXTERNAL website, for which you have to add http:// or https:// at start of the link code.

Thank you, this worked and I was able to solve problem :slight_smile:

However, I am facing a new issue now. When I type and go to https://www.bestinpm.com/ my favicon gets loaded however when I type bestinpm.com and hit enter, the favicon does not get loaded. Have never faced this issue before anywhere else.

Should I open a new thread for this?

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