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Considering that IFastNet has supported and recommended CloudFlare since at least 2011 (How does CloudFlare’s technology work? | Hosting KnowledgeBase), would they consider enabling some of the CloudFlare functionality such as ‘Always Online’ (Always Online · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs)?

Currently this is not possible since current attempts re-direct to the browser cookie error page (removed due to post restrictions).

It would only need enabled for custom domains since subdomains can’t be used at CloudFlare and, based on documentation, would only run once a month unless a paid plan is being used.

If IFastNet parent company rejects it due to reasons then the website reliability and downtime issues that people report will continue as is but wanted to at least ask on the behalf of the community.


A big part of the reason why CloudFlare is not integrated directly anymore is because CloudFlare discontinued the program.

CloudFlare no longer supports subdomains on their platform without the primary domain, and due to the way the free hosting system works, putting the primary domain on CloudFlare is just not feasible.

If you have a custom domain, you can use CloudFlare and have the full feature set they offer.


You are correct about subdomains. This is regarding custom domains only.

The Always Online feature currently woln’t work because it leverages the Internet Archive, which, based on my subdomain test by manually triggering it to scan (crawl?) the website, is blocked by the hosting server. It errors out and states that since the Internet Archive can’t use cookies, the connection was blocked.

Have you found it to work with custom domains? If you have and it works, great.

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You missed my last sentence:

This includes the Wayback machine integration. If you use Cloudflare with your custom domain, it will work.


Ok, thanks.

I didn’t have the ability to test it directly but figured you would have went through it at some point and verified that it functions as expected.

Since my only method was to attempt it directly on a subdomain, it failed so I wanted to ask about it.

Thanks again.

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