White Screen When you go to the Website

Username https://smmsupplier.ml

White Screen

It uses php and it was working completely fine yesterday. I don’t know why it isn’t functioning correctly today.

also to add on, it doesnt bypass the limits of my plan.

You don’t have index.php or index.html. I cannot even see your resources.

i do, in fact i even reuploaded it

Where did you uploaded it? Make sure that you uploaded it to main htdocs folder. Some file manager do have a two htdocs.

it worked last night though, and yes i uploaded it to the right htdocs folder

Check your html code again, maybe you rewrite it incorrectly, you know.

i didnt make any changes since last night when it worked, and today i logged on, and it didnt work, i made no changes whatsoever.

Well, apparently something changed, or it wouldn’t have broken, right?

I see your website code is loaded successfully, so everything point to this being a website code or configuration issue. I don’t recognize the software you’re using, so I can’t tell you right away why it would return a blank page. If you’re using software someone else made, maybe they know more about why this could happen.

And if you built the software yourself, you should know the code base and know which content should be displayed where. If so, then you’re by far the best equipped person to debug this issue and see why the desired content is not being shown.

If you’ve found that out and it turns out to be a hosting issue anyways, I can try to help you. But I personally have no intent to debug an unknown code base because “it’s not working and I don’t know why”.


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