Which is better free hosting service?

I heard that IF is under MOFH, so I am considering that MOFH might be better if IF falls under it, so will it be better to switch to MOFH?

Support is lacking. You may want to re-consider. IF is superior in terms of support.
If you want a reseller account, by all means go ahead.


MOFH is the service that provides and has your account. Infinityfree is an interface to manage, create and edit accounts. If you know coding, you might create your own interface. In terms of support, IF is better with the large community of 15k users. So the latter is in your bucket :wink:.

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I think InfinityFree is better, but I’m biased of course.

InfinityFree has more features, is more convenient and has better support.

And of course we’re better than MOFH. I didn’t build this company to be a bad knockoff of another service, I built it because I thought I could do better.


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