Which credentials to use in Roundcube?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to login to roundcube, but with no success.
It seems to me there are multiple candidates for Username and Password.


  1. Your registration email could be the username
  2. Your registration username could be the username
  3. The website assigned username could be the username eg: epiz_24133***
  4. The email address you created could be the username: [email protected]


  1. Your registration password could be the roundcube password.
  2. The website assigned password could be the password, eg: 7631o7Zvg****
  3. The password you selected when you created the email account

I’ve tried these options. I’m having no luck. I’ve clearly made a mistake at some point.
Could someone please specify which username and password should be
used with roundcube ?

Thanks for your help… Have a nice day :slight_smile:


For “Username” and “Password” I choose the fourth option and the third one, which are respectively the email address you’ve created and the password you chose when creating it. Make sure the password is only created with letters and numbers before clicking on “Create”, or else you will have to change the password for it to match the following requests, and then login again!

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Thanks Ergastolator,

I appreciate your help.
Hope you have a nice day… a nice week too :slight_smile:


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A hopefully helpful note to future readers of this thread:

My original email password had special characters in it: #@!$£&*()etc.

The text input field for the password doesn’t complain if you put special characters into the password.
But the special characters appear to prevent logging in to roundcube later on.

Thanks to Ergastolator for pointing out the need to use a alpha-numeric password.

Also, simply changing the password for that email address didn’t work.
I had to delete the email address and re-add it, with a purely alpha-numeric password (no special chars)

good luck :slight_smile:

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