Where to upload files for addon domain

Hi, I was wondering (it is a bit confusing) where exactly you have to upload the files for a website pointing to an addon domain.
Do you have to upload everything in the folder with the name of your addon domain (in my case fraweb.cu.cc) or in the htdocs folder within that folder?

I know you should not upload the files within the main htdocs folder or they will point to the subdomain you signed up with.

Another confusing thing is:
What nameservers do we have to use now?
CPanel says:

And the confirmation email says:
Nameserver 1: ns1.byet.org
Nameserver 2: ns2.byet.org
Nameserver 3: ns3.byet.org
Nameserver 4: ns4.byet.org
Nameserver 5: ns5.byet.org

Could we have a bit of clarity please?
Thank you.

Hello @lotsofstuff.

First of about domains. Yes, you are right. You must first locate your addon domain’s folder in your case fraweb.cu.cc and then locate htdocs folder within it. That’s where you upload your web files. This applies to every other domain than your default InfinityFree domain.

And about nameservers, you can use any combination of those 2 combinations available. No matter which one you’ll use they will work :slight_smile:

Happy to help,


Thanks for the quick reply.