Where should i start

I have been using the free hosting but i think i might need premium so can anyone help me with which plan should i go with i will be hosting 3 websites on the same account is it possible? and they are light weight so i am thinking for $4-5 plan what are your suggestions and will i get the premium Cpanel it looks good so i want to use it and will i get a good service from India i live in india?

First of all, This is for free hosting support only, please make your topic as informal.
It depends on what kind of websites youre hosting.

Pls teach me How should I start my website

I think the Super Premium plan will suffice. That plan can hold up to 20 additional domain names, so you can host your three websites on it without any problems. That’s the $4.99 plan.

And of course, all premium plans include the real cPanel control panel.

Please note that all servers, both for free hosting and all premium services, are located in the UK. The servers are fast so your websites should load pretty fast all around the world, but I can understand you would rather have a provider with servers closer to you.

I disagree. You’re right, premium hosting support questions shouldn’t be asked here in the first place, but they are related to the free hosting offering and they are support questions, so the Hosting Support category is appropriate. It’s not unrelated chit chat, which is what the Informal category is for.



Thank you for your advise I am looking forward to work with you people I will buy my subscription as soon as I can and can you tell me when i proceed to buy I am forwarded to Ifastnet so I am supposed to buy it there? this is my first time so I am a bit worried.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t fully understand what you expect with this request.

Just please note that we provide free hosting only. iFastNet does the premium hosting and we have no access to their systems. If you upgrade, you can ask iFastNet and they will migrate your account to their premium servers, but that won’t be visible from the free hosting panel.


ok thank you

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