Where is the Zone File Control?

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I want to add my website http://thichtinhoc.rf.gd/ to my gitbook but I can’t find the Zone File Control.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Please note that free hosting subdomains can be used only on free hosting and nowhere else, so if you decide to host the website with Gitbook using our subdomains you can’t do so. Instead, you can get a custom domain from EU.org if you want a free one, or through any other domain registrar, add it to our hosting by changing the nameservers to ours and then use a CNAME record to point a subdomain of the custom domain to the address Gitbook tells you to put.


When registering it, you should check the correctness of only server names, not also replies on SOA and NS, as then the request won’t be taken in charge.


After get the domain, what will i do next?

After they validated the request (it’s a manual procedure, sometimes you’ll have it in some weeks and sometimes even in months; you can still check your EU.org dashboard for it and if there is a domain there you’re good to go), you can add the domain on your hosting account through the “Addon Domains” or the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel and use the “CNAME Records” section of the Control Panel to add any CNAME record. On Gitbook you’ll have to configure a subdomain of the new domain (like docs.example.eu.org or something like it) instead of the one you were trying to add before (so our subdomain).

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Wait, so how can i know that eu.org domain is up to infinity free?

You can use our “Domain Checker” tool on the Client Area, or I can dig NS records for you, to see if you can add it (and if it’s finally on your EU.org dashboard).


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