where is the public.html folder to download all the content of the site?

How to access public.html folder to download all the content of the site? basically is not anywhere. If I go to online file manager it will show this when trying to download contents of the site image is here Captura-de-pantalla-2019-01-03-a-las-15-13-44 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

htdocs folder is a publichtml folder, about downloading error - it’s an unknown error so obviously we can’t know what actually happened, try later or try FTP Client like FileZilla.

Online file managers tend to choke on large folders. Can you please try to download the folder with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead? Online file managers are great for quick edits, but can’t beat good old desktop software.

I am using FileZilla as well to try to back up my site and it won’t allow download anything. it connects correctly and all the transfers fails. I use MacBook and im the only user. 

What Filezilla says about that, which errors do you see?

Are you talking about the same issue as this topic? https://forum.infinityfree.com/discussion/5489/ftp-doesnt-download-files-and-wordpress-backup-plugins-are-blocked-by-infinity-free-server

If so, let's not discuss the exact same issue in multiple topics.