Where is the e-mail add section?

Hey devs! I got the MX job done but I can’t find the mail attachment section. Can you help me?

Email accounts and forwarders can’t be created on free hosting because of spam and abuse on their email servers. If you want those please consider using another email hosting service (Zoho and Yandex still have free tiers) or upgrading to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.


Oh, thanks. And here is the another problem, cpanel’s lang is changed my main lang but i want use in eng. How can i chane it ?

You need to login to the Client Area, click on your profile picture, then click on “Profile”, click on “Edit Profile”, scroll down until you see “Preferred Language”, change the language from the dropdown to “English” and click on “Save Language”. After that go back to the Client Area’s home page, click on your hosting account and then click on “Control Panel”. If you see that the language there is changed to English, good job!


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