Where find imageck

Ineed your help please first my woocomerce not work need document and imageck can u do it for me plz or talking with email woth u plz

imagick is disabled here (most hosting providers turned this off)

Can you screenshot or provide link of the error? I think Woocommerce can run without imagick( as far as i know).


I dont know he need document what is that

You need to reinstall WooCommerce. To do that:

  • download the archive from https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce.4.2.0.zip ;
  • extract it on your computer;
  • remove the WooCommerce folder from htdocs/wp-content/plugins or yourdomain/htdocs/wp-content/plugins with an FTP client;
  • upload the extracted folder on the same path on where you removed the WooCommerce folder with an FTP client;
  • activate the plugin from the plugins page;
  • don’t install the recommended plugins when required.

If you don’t know how to upload files with an FTP client follow this article:

After that, upgrade your WordPress by following these instructions or by using Softaculous.


Sorry but i am biginer and don’t know to remove it could u plz help me

Manually download the Woocommerce plugin and upload it into your online file manager or manually upload it via Add New Plugin on your Wordpress Dashboard rather than installing it using the Install button.

Why you don’t do it for me plz

Ok i install it but it need a document

It is only referring to knowledge base website where you can get possible solution


How to do it plz

The instructions in that document already says how.

But it is too much

Prefer here:

Are you just ignoring the instructions provided by @Ergastolator1 above?

This is a simple instruction, this can also be done by a beginner. Please just try to follow the instructions and do it yourself.


Too much? Why not translating it to your language then reading it? At least you can read it even if it is long.

If you cant do it yourself, you can rely on us but you will agree that you should change the credentials after.
(Im also beginner before but someone fix it and now im self learning, thanks to him)

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Can u do it for my it is hard to me i don’t know

I’m sorry but we’re trying to help you to do it yourself and not bringing your job to us.