Where are my site files?



No error message, here is the problem:

I have the above domain parked to http://figleaffarm.epizy.com

When I access figleaffarm.ie/wp-admin – the files i see in the theme editor are NOT the files i see when I access my site via FTP - they look the same, but changes made are not reflected either way.

Can anyone explain what’s going on?

I’m a bit confused, what’s the issue exactly?

The domain figleaffarm.epizy.com is your account’s initial domain, meaning it’s linked to the main htdocs folder. figleaffarm.ie was parked on top of the subdomain, so it’s also linked to the main htdocs folder. Both websites load the files from that folder.

Regarding the issue:

Can you please elaborate on this?

Are you saying that theme files edited through FTP are not visible in the WordPress built-in theme editor and vice versa? Does this happen on both the free subdomain and the custom domain?

This would not make any sense, and my first guess is that the DNS records at Cloudflare might be incorrect and you’re actually loading your custom domain from another hosting provider right now.


Sorry I should have been a little clearer:

I started out trying to manually edit my header.php and footer.php files, as it happens, I wanted to replace a relative-linked image in each for a CDN link from Cloudinary (more on that in a moment).

First I edited the files via FTP as per the login info in my Infinity control panel, but found they were not reflected in my live site.
Second, I tried editing them via the file manager, again the changes were not reflected.

Then I edited the same files via wp-admin and found that the changes were reflected. However, changes I make in wp-admin are nor reflected in either FTP or file manager.

My parked domain has SSL enabled, but the free domain doesn’t. Oddly, I can access my parked domain wp-admin (Log In ‹ Fig Leaf Farm — WordPress), and I can access my non-ssl free domain (http://figleaffarm.epizy.com), but I can’t access wp-admin on my free domain (http://figleaffarm.epizy.com/wp-admin) because both Firefox and Chrome refuse to load it due to being “insecure”!

My site was previously hosted on Hostinger, but I recently removed it from there. The only other factor, as mentioned earlier is that I’m using Cloudinary CDN wp plugin on my site and the settings are default which means most of the site “assets” are served by them, including theme and wp-admin… maybe that’s the issue? I know very little about how CDN works, but maybe my website is now effectively hosted by cloudinary and that’s why FTP and file manager changes don’t show?

It could also be a caching issue, although I have deleted browser cache several times.

The reason your changes are not reflected in ftp is that Wordpress doesnt really felt on files, it relies on the database.

The SSL issue is probably caused by wp admin trying to load over https when it is not available. You can solve this by installing an ssl cert.


You left out the CloudFlare cache

This means you are still accessing from the old host.
Else you will only see


You should encounter SSL error
Get SSL cert for the free subdomain


Could you please take a screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare? That will help us verify that your domain is actually hosted with us, and not still hosted with Hostinger.


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