When will my domain name start working?

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Does any one know how long it takes till my free registred domain will start working ?

It says around 72H, is there somethink that i can do?

the website was working fine but i uploaded some stuff like 400mb nothing crazy and now if i wanna visit my website i get some ads.


What’s your website URL?

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this is the domain

I’m not sure but can you check in the Client Area if your site got suspended? Your site could have been suspended.

says its active

Well there’s a possibility that there is a storage issue, as what I have observed so far this is probably just because a storage in a server is acting up that is a temporary issue but I’m not sure.

Admin can verify this and check what’s wrong with your hosting account.

Thanks for your help !

How can i contact the admin ?

The domain name elitecshost.epizy.com is currently not assigned to any hosting account, which is why it goes to a parking page.

Please remember that, before you deactivated your account earlier today, you removed all domain names from your account. Reactivating an account does NOT automatically restore any domain names to it. So please go into the control panel and add the domain there again through the Subdomains menu.


Go to Cpanel and then create a domain in cpanel with the same url. In your case, ‘elitecshost’. In file manager click on the folder with your domain and put web files in that htdocs instead of the other one.

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