When name server changed website stops working

I wish to connect cloudflare security to my site. Whenever I change the nameservers to the ones provided by them the website stops working. What can be done?

website - thequizmonger.ga

Hello there,

You’ll need to add an A record that points to your hosting account I.P.

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article on instructions regarding how you can get the I.P address of your site:

And then go to the Cloudflare Dashboard to add an A record.


There’s A record with the cloudflare already.

Then you’ll have to wait until your domain’s DNS will fully propagate.
And also verify whether that A record points to the server your site is hosted.

The A record is of my website. How do you get it for my server.

Really sorry but I did not understood what you meant.
Also did you even read the instructions I have given to you above? You can get the site IP address and create an A record out of your site IP.

Your A record should look like this:

This thing exists on my cloudflare dashboard.

What’s the problem you’re experiencing exactly?
It seems like your site is working and loading fine on my end even though you are now using Cloudflare.

Last time I had changed my name servers to ones given by cloudflare the website stopped working after 2 to 3 days and started only after i put back their given name servers. I dont want that to happen again.
Hope you get it.

Oh yes I understood you completely.
But it seems like your site is working fine now, you probably experienced that issue because your dns records still haven’t propagated and dns propagation takes up to 24-48 hours to fully propagate.


As of today the site is still working.

Also could you just guide me through Adsense, since its not approving my application …

You’ll have to ask AdSense directly about it.
I’m not really experienced with AdSense as well.


Anyways its more than 48 hours since I changed my namer servers to cloudflare ones, and site still is working well so I hope there wont be any error now. Thank you for helping me out!

Please check if the namesevers are pointed to cloudflare only. Remove all the other nameserver queries except cloudflare.

Regards to https://community.cloudflare.com/t/how-to-restore-my-visitors-ip-address-instead-of-cloudflare-ones/173229?u=thequizmonger

I wish to know what type of server my website belongs to. Please let me know.

you can find your website ip address at ip-api.com

We use both Apache and NGINX in our stack, and the instructions for either of those web servers won’t help you because installing Cloudflare’s rewrites requires a level of system access which you don’t have.

The best way to get the right visitor IP address in your application is to have some sort of “Trusted Proxies” system in your website code. I’m not sure how this is done with WordPress. If WordPress doesn’t support this out of the box, then there must be a plugin to do it.

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I am not sure how is that done either. Any help you could provide ?

Not really. I would have to search the web for WordPress options or plugins, which I’m quite sure you’re capable of as well.

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