When I Click A Link I Get "404 Page Not Found"

In my website, whenever I try to click on a link that leads to another page it comes up with “404 Page Not Found”. The website works while on my pc, but once I upload it into the htdocs folder it stops working. The index.html is functioning though.

Website link:

Edit: Some of the links work, but some of them don’t. Not sure why :frowning:

All the clickable links I’ve found and clicked on is working fine for me, are you sure it’s not some cache problem or something like that?

Tried clearing my cache, moved my domain to a different one where it worked for a few minutes before the link to index.html stopped working (as well as one of the pages refusing to link to the external css sheet despite it being in the same place as all the other working pages)

Okay, just tried it using microsoft edge instead of chrome, and now it works… any idea why?
Edit: new domain is watateam.org