When I activate ssl in my website social shaing link not scraping title and pic

When i active ssl and website load over https social share link(facebook,twitter etc) not scraping.preview ,title and image not shown.please help.! my website- nsbangla.online

Facebook also can’t scrape your website if you don’t have SSL. Both HTTP and HTTPS are affected by the restrictions of this security system:



But sir when my website uses ssl that time probeleam occurs.but when website is not used ssl facebook scraped any post with pic and title.Then nothing probeleam occurre.So the problem is using ssl facebook not scraping title pic and description.

Hmm, strange, I don’t know why that would act any differently.

The major reason I don’t know is that I don’t know how Facebook’s scraper works. Your website works exactly the same with and without HTTPS from a hosting perspective. So it would seem that Facebook does something different.

Maybe someone else on here knows more about this. Or maybe you’ll have more luck with this on Facebook’s support forum.

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