What's the problem is going on that Please tell me how to solve this

Have you recently changed your hosting to InfinityFree? If yes, please wait up to 72 hours (from when you changed) for the website to update everywhere.

i m not change hosting yeasterday i m open my site but today it’s can’t work

Whats the website URL?

@TigerMANEK426, it is http://filmyhubs.co.in/.

@aefesdsad, your domain is not pointing to our nameservers. Please change them to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com from GoDaddy’s nameservers management panel, and then wait for 72 hours for the changes to propagate.



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Ahhh I cant see that kind of information quickly :confused: Well there is your anwser :smile:

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