What's the IPs for the nameservers? I can't add a domain from register.it

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Username: epiz_27830403

Error Message

Error Adding Domain…

This could be due to already adding the domain to this or another account or, you have not changed the nameservers as required or not enough time has passed since changing the nameservers…

Remember, you need to change the nameservers on a domain via registrar control panel BEFORE adding it to your account, it may take 24~72 hours to completely update the nameservers.:

Please verify your nameservers and/or change them to:

(The nameservers are changed via your domain registrar control panel, NOT your hosting control panel.)

ns1 epizy com
ns2 epizy com

After changing the nameservers you may have to wait 24~72 hours prior to being able to add the domain to your account…
Once the name servers are set it may take upto 76 hours before the domain can be added here.

Name servers MUST be set before adding the domain here, if your registrar REQUIRES that you add a domain before setting the name servers then you will need to use a different domain name / registrar (or contact there support requesting they manually set the name servers). We are NOT able to add domains to the vPanel without the name servers being set firstly. If this is a requirement, please UPGRADE, on our premium hosting we do allow domain names to be added without the name servers being set. Please do NOT create a support ticket unless you have waited at least 48 hours after succesfully changing name servers / adding domain.

Other Information

I’ve contacted their support and they told me to use this tool to check de DNS but they ask me for the IPs of the nameservers.

On the domain side I think everything’s okay because I have another domain there that it’s working properly with epizy.

Can you guys help me? I’ve already waited more than 72 hours and nothing.

Thanks in advance!


You need to change your nameservers with your domain registrar. (NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc.) to match ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com. If you are using Cloudflare with your domain, you need to switch your nameservers back to those above to be able to activate your hosting account.

Also, can you please provide your domain name?


Hello Greenreader9 and thank you for the reply.

Yes, I’ve changed the nameservers in my domain registrar like you can see in the image below, but it still gives me the error I posted.

The domain name is polisolutions.it


.it ( at the bottom )


Thank you OxyDac. Sadly I have to figure out another domain to solve this :frowning:

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