What legal obligations apply to delay of account deletion of 60 days

What legal obligations apply to the delay for the deletion of an account to 60 days?

In the “edit account” section it says “Due to legal obligations, InfinityFree cannot delete accounts earlier under any circumstances. Please do not submit any requests to make an exception to these rules.”.
What legal obligations?

If I am correct, Infinityfree is hosted in the U.S, right?

So what law (or contract or whatever else it is) defines this restriction?

Infinityfree is registered in the EU
ifastnet servers is in UK

From ordinary police work like death threats or false representation, copyright and all the way to terrorism and the international fight against it

Various parties and countries demand that the data be kept so that, if necessary, the connection of the actors in the crime can be proven and at the same time help further investigation.



OOoooooooh. Yeah, that would make sense.

Wait though, if they demand the data be kept, why delete it at all?
What if they committed something right after the account expired?

Although, I think it would be more related to the website.

If the website had something illegal and they decided to delete it, that would make perfect sense. They could investigate it for some time before coming to a conclusion.



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