What is the entry process limit (exact number)


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Error Message

This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.
Refreshing the page once the amount of apache / php processes are reduced will cause the site to work
We would recommend upgrading your hosting account at IFastNet Premium hosting accounts , premium hosting accounts have MUCH higher resources dedicated to them.

What I want to know

What is the (exact number) number of processes at once

What I am doing

I am making a simple site which sends notifications to users. It sends an AJAX request to the server every 20 seconds to check for unread notifications.
But the problem is when more than ~20 users are on my site, it throws an annoying error message. Is there a way I can reduce this?
Please let me know asap

More info

Are there any workarounds to AJAX which doesn’t count as a hit?

The exact number is classified. The short explanation is that if you need to worry about it, you’re hammering the server too much.

The first thing that comes to mind is to use a service like Pusher for this. With Pusher, you can setup a connection to the Pusher servers from your Javascript code. Then, when someone publishes a message on your website, you send an API call to Pusher who can then broadcast it to the users on your site.

You can use that to broadcast the message to your users, either by sending the notifications directly to their browser, or just to trigger the browser to get the actual notifications from your site.

Pusher works with Websockets, which is a MUCH faster and more efficient system than polling a PHP script.

Disclaimer: I have never used Pusher myself and I don’t know anyone personally who does. I just know they exist.


Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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