What is the best place to migrate my websites images to?

So few months ago I have created a topic about “Is it allowed to use infinityfree as website where people can post things” or something like that. Some people were saying no but admin recommended me migrating images to some other place. So that’s why…

I need help with finding a perfect service where I can store most of my websites images.
I’ve been searching for months but I found nothing useful.

The only thing I’m asking for is how to make my website use some sort of CDN and how to make it work with php image uploading?

I think Amazon Cloudfront seems like a good choice. It is what this forum uses for image and attachment uploads.

To me, it seems fast, easily integratabtle, and like it would provide a seamless experience for the viewers of your website.


Thanks for help!
This service looks like its free and perfect with its limitations for my small website.
If Ill have any issues I will probably add them here.


FYI: Cloudfront is great, but you’ll also need Amazon S3 to actually store the uploaded content. That combination is great though, Amazon S3 is probably the best supported file store for any framework or CMS.


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