What is my website name and what url should i type to get to it?

i am using filezilla. on my desktop i have 3 files.
1- an index.html file
2- a style.css file
3- and a folder labeled images with the images inside it
i uploaded those 3 items into the htdocs folder of the file manager…
i open a new tab in google chrome and type in this(of course this is not my real site name im using…this is just for the purpose of what i did so you can tell me what i did wrong)
…but i get this page that comes up and this is the address showing…
so please help me to understand…i am completely new to this so be nice…ty.

Hello there,

The htdocs folder is already the root folder and you don’t need to include the htdocs folder in the URL path. Simply just visit yoursite.epizy.com and it should show your site correctly.


OMG…lol…thank you that was it.

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