what if i use external hosting for images

hello admin and moderators.
i’m sorry i got angry at you in my last thread.

i’m creating a simple html page front page (index.html)
with a link to gallery i’m a designer. if i create a gallery and host
all my images of external hosting like imgur.com
daily hit used will not go up or will it go up
since i’m not hosting the files at your host and
i’m not consuming any bandwidth or file requests
to your server.

what about Inodes Used will it go up since
i will not upload so many files just couple of html pages with text

i’m waiting for you replay.
in the mean while i will give it a try and report back to you.
thank you and good bye now.

Hello @mralihaider

Daily hits used will go up when someone will visit page on your site that is hosted WITH us. For example if you hosted gallery on other site like imgur or flickr, but if you had link on the site hosted with US then your daily hits would go up by 1 for each visitor that visited page where link to your gallery was.

And yes, you can host your images on other site like imgur.com and just add them to your index.html page or any other page on your site hosted with us. In this case your site’s bandwith wouldn’t go up, but it is unlimited anyways so that’s not a thing you should be worried about.

In short: Yes, you can host your images/gallery on other photo sharing site and just use proper HTML tag to display external images on the site hosted with us.

And you are correct about iNodes. They won’t go up if you will not be hosting the image with us. For example you had 2 pages, main index.html page and gallery directory with index.html there too which would be 3 iNodes in total.

But if you are planning to host images on other site and just link them in your website then the iNodes will stay in same count regardless how many external images you will put at your site.

I hope that this made something more clear.


i already knew what is said is correct but i wanted a confirmation
and expert opinion thank you for confirming this.