What happened to freecluster.eu?

I can’t make a website using the freecluster.eu subdomain.
Is there a reason for removing it?

Also, if you go to http://freecluster.eu you will get redirected back to InfinityFree.

Maybe it is domain name. Not subdomain.
What did you do when you create subdomain on infinity free. What step you have pass?

+Create account. Top-right side button.
domain type: choose subdomain. Fill subdomain name. Choose domain extension. Lol.

Probably something failed with you want. Merge with infinityfree.net hosting.

It doesn’t show up

Someone forgot to renew the domain?

Ussually, can create subdomain after merge success.
On your domain.

We still control the freecluster.eu domain, but we’re trying to phase it out. Existing domains will keep working but creating new subdomains with it is not supported.


Just curious, any special reason?