What does cause io overuse ? (these are my plugins)

Yes Cloudflare can cause your site to get suspended

As Quoted from this link:

My website doesn’t have any traffic, why was it suspended?

Are you using Cloudflare on your website? If so, you should check the Analytics tab in Cloudflare’s website. When people say they have “no traffic” and they are using Cloudflare, they may have received a wave of bot traffic which caused a lot of CPU usage. Cloudflare’s Analytics system should show this traffic. Website analytics systems, like Google Analytics, probably do not show this traffic, so you should mainly look at Cloudflare’s analytics.

The reason for this is that while Cloudflare implements a security system, it’s not perfect and doesn’t block access to all bots (unlike our own system).

If you are using Cloudflare and urgently need to block such bot traffic, you can enable “I’m under attack” mode which will completely stop such traffic.
(What does the CPU limit mean)

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