What components on Softaculous WordPress count towards things that take up disc space/storage?


I was wondering if somebody could inform me precisely what sort of things on WordPress website use up disc space/storage when hosted on Infinity Free. I’m making use of the free hosting package. For example, I understand that hosting a website with WordPress.com enables you to produce as many “Posts” as you like and that they do not use disc space/storage. Is this similar to InfinityFree? What things take up disc space/storage when making a website through WordPress on the Softaculous installer and hosting it on the InfinityFree free plan? Will “Posts” take up disc space/storage?

TL;DR: I’m making my website using WordPress through the Softaculous installer and hosting it on the “InfinityFree” free package. What things will use up my disc space/storage? Will “Posts” on WordPress take up disc space/storage?


WordPress stores its post data in the database, so posts themselves do not count towards the disk space. Images, and other media however, do.


I appreciate your fast response! Thank you!

So this basically means that I can write as many “Posts” as I like without limits?

There is a limit, as our databases cannot hold unlimited data, but you should not run into that limit unless you post long posts multiple times a day.


What is the upper limit? Does this refresh on a daily basis, or does it apply for the duration of the hosting timeframe?

The max size limit is for your entire account. So I don’t quite understand what you mean by “refresh”

The number of posts your site can have is practically unlimited. We don’t have any hard limits on database storage, so as long as you’re not putting so much stuff into the database it’s causing problems for the database server, you’re good to go.

As a very crude guess, I’d say you’re good until a million posts or so. But I think that’s plenty and will be very hard to hit realistically.


Do images/files uploaded/embedded within a “Post” take up disk space/storage space?

See what I already posted ^^^


But is that not referring to media/files uploaded directly to the site rather than in a post? Or were you referring to media uploaded to a post?

Anything that you upload and store on your website takes up space.


Media files are not stored in the database, but are stored as files on your account. Because of this, these files do take up disk space and inodes.


What if I was to attach an image from an internet URL?

That would be fine, just make sure that you are not breaking any laws by doing so.

Images are pretty tiny, and you have 5GB of storage. Some images stored here are not going to have a huge affect.


You seem to be a bit too worried about storage here… Unless you aren’t running full-fledged blog post page with 100K monthly visits, constantly getting updated; it’s very hard to hit 5GB limit.

5GB is way too much than you can think.

Imagine someone writes 300 pages novel, that novel would only be around 500-600 kb. Half of an mb, so you can store >2000 novels in just 1gb. A whole library.

This works exactly like your own computer, you store images, apps, videos on it… It takes space.
Instead of storing them directly you embed in your code like <img src='https://e.gg/remote-image.png'>, it would take less space.

If you’re going to use your account like this you will never ever get close to 5GB limit.

If you do hit the limit, I’ll be personally interested on how you did it.

100MB of pure text is horribly terribly humongous.


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