What are strict limits on free hosting

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

not able to update/not able to install plugins

When i try to update wordpress or install plugins I get errors
I’m using this software:
wordpress 5.2

Additional information:

So What are strict limits on free hosting - details that keep us from limits?
What can we do when we cannot install plugins? They only want to be installed by wordpress.
I have never found information about installing plug ins manually. Each manufacturer is different, and different requirments for install and runtime…


Plugins must by installed manually by download the zip files. There is an article on manual installation in the Knowledge Base (KB).

There are two key limits which can cause problems with updates:

  • The 10 MB file size limit.
  • The 20 second PHP script execution time limit.

I don’t have any statistics about it, but I’m quite sure the execution time limit is the key reason that upgrades may fail.

But installing or updating a complex script, plugin or theme can take more than 20 seconds to extract the file, place them on your account, create database tables and populate those tables, generate configuration, etc. So that’s why those procedures can crash.


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