What am i doing wrong with uploading my site?

My website URL is: fixed1.com

What I’m seeing is: directory listing nothing else

I’m using this software: NetObjects 2015

Additional information: I connect and upload and then nothing shows up

I also just bought 1 yr of fixed1.com does this have something to do with it not ftping and showing up ?

Please use FTP clients to upload your files.

When your client connects, you will see a directory that matches your domain name. Inside that is a htdocs folder. All your website files should go in there. That being empty is why you see the Directory Listing with no files.



I have files in that htdocs folder already but none are showing up ?

@Admin what am doing wrong?
I pointed domain name to ns1.ezipy.com ns2.ezipy.com after I purchased it again.
Have files in htdocs folder, but nothing showing up at fixed1.com
have reuploaded new file to ftp setting that point to htdocs folder always say successful, but nothing showing up .
have clear my browser cache and dns cache on this end. still not showing up.

If you added the domain as an Addon Domain, a new folder will be created with your domain name. Please upload your files on fixed1.com/htdocs/ with a FTP client, so that the Directory Listing won’t show up anymore.


trying again to upload to fixed1.com/htdocs.

Thank you so very much . it now uploading and showing up :slight_smile:


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