Wesbite now showing even after 24 hours creating free domain

epiz_26630468 username and website name shrikeshavlaw.epizy.com

website not showing after 24 hours of creating it . showing a blank epizy page with several options like cpanel hosting , free website etc

Welcome to the Community

Your Site Works fine from my end!

Please wait for a extra 5 hours or try clearing cache,flush dns,use vpn,use INCOGNITO mode

its still not showing on my computer . what should i do and what can be the reason please help ?


I have just noticed that website is working with VPN but not without it … what can be the reasona nd how to solve it …

Read the article above?

Wait 72 hours as it says in the Client Area.

or change your dns to or


Maybe your ISP is caching

thanks everyone for help now its working

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