Weppage error, cant see webpage


I have a problem, my website is called: www.toysagames.epizy.com.

One webpage has a major problem, and that is the Knex page. It shows on my phone just fine, but when I try to visit it on pc it gives the 404 error code

Can someone help me with this please?

Thanks in advance

Try to clear cookies and cache from your PC’s browser settings.

And where can I do that? I am using Opera

From Google Search, after clicking on the first link:

  1. In the title bar of the browser window click on the “Opera” or on the “Menu” button.
  2. In the following menu “Settings” chose the item “Data and Security” .
  3. Below the Headline “Privacy” you’ll find the button “Delete Browser data” .
  4. After clicking that button a new window opens.
  5. Select the time period “since Installation” to delete the whole browser cache.
  6. Enable the checkbox next to “Images and Files in Cache” .
  7. Confirm your settings with the Button “Delete Browserdata” .
  8. Reload the website.

Thank you so much, It worked

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