Welcome to the Shiny Club of InfinityFree!

Welcome to the SHINY CLUB of Website centre!

I suck at this.



This is not really something you need to be talking about on the forums!
if you would like to talk about something about this then try to do it on another
website! because this forums is for coding and struggling so we can help you!
thank you for reading :slight_smile:

@Greenreader9 tell me if u agree!


ok i dont know but if you look at the topic its clearly informal meaning for chit-chatting and maybe you don’t own others :slight_smile:

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Some people enjoy the long meme topics. It’s not my cup of tea either, but as long as it’s kept to a few dedicated topics I don’t see an issue with them.

If you don’t want the notifications, at the bottom of the post list is a dropdown with a bell icon. If you set that one to Muted, you don’t see the notifications anymore.


Ok sorry :frowning:


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