Weird Problem ,and i can't find a solution, help!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

The Problem is really weird, the website works fine on chrome for desktop, and on iphone safari, but shows a white page with text “hgfsdh…”, if we supply /index.php, the website opens as it should be, i don’t know why, there is no file with that content showing on some devices?

I’m using this software:
FileZilla with a custom CMS

Additional information:

Have you tried to clear your browser cache?

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yes i tried clearing cache and still no luck at all, the page still loads the same even on other mobile phones(i never opened my website on them)


No clue. Your website is working fine from here, and I don’t know why it’s not working for you.

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This is a picture of the problem, i have no clue why this happens

It does work only if i specified the index.php file directly in the url

It’s really your browser cache problem.
Try this:

  1. Visit that your weird page.

  2. Then, type this code on your browser address bar:


Because you are using mobile browser.
If you use desktop browser, just press CTRL/CMD + F5 button to hard refresh.


Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately the problem still exists

Try to trick that browser and enter an address like this
(with www)
or uninstall that browser and reinstall it (unless you have a lot of customized settings in it)
also try another mobile browser


Okay, Thank You!

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The people above me are right when they said the problem was a cache

when you gave your browser an address with www
it then treats your page as a separate page (as a subdomain unrelated to - of course the content is the same on both variants) and because of that your browser does not serve an index page from its internal cache.

You had bad luck when you visited your site while it was having “a problem” and your browser saved it in the cache.

There is no need to permanently migrate everything to the www variant because in a few days or weeks your browser will refresh the cache for naked domain.

and it is certainly that your visitors see a normal page, so this is just your device specific problem…

Use the www address if you just need to watch your website on that smartphone until it refreshes the cache of naked version…


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