Weird issue about website icons

I used Mobirise to build my website, and for some reason, the socicons fail to load and the loading arrow continues spinning until I manually stop it. After that, the icons load fine and everything is fine and well.

What is the issue that causes the loading failure and how does manually canceling it, fix it? Also, can I do the canceling automatically, if there is no other way of fixing it?

You can see the issue in the below gif. Also, you can see for yourself by visiting my website, however, this issue does not always occur.

Maybe you didn’t upload the socicon folder inside of the assets folder correctly, and so you need to do that, and after that remember to clear your cache.

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I uploaded the entire assets folder twice manually, and even if there was an issue there, I don’t think the icons would be able to load after manual action. And clearing cache didn’t fix it too.

Unfortunately, the issue didn’t get fixed by itself. I still need backup.

Have you checked the response code with your browser’s inspector?

Are you absolute sure that assets folder contains all the files?
because some of your files don’t exist.

for me the icons load, you may have to wait a bit more till it loads.


Mobirise didn’t create that file, and it doesn’t appear on my local filesystem as well. I guess it is unnecassary. Also, the icons load when you first visit the homepage, but the issue I described starts occurring after you visit another page.

Everything got fixed when I duplicated the socicon.woff file, and renamed the copy to socicon.woff2. Thanks dude.

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