Websites and FTP down for some accounts, file manager issues

Since around 15:45 UTC today, we’re experiencing an outage on the free hosting platform.

Some accounts are affected by this issue. If your website is affected, you’ll see errors like:

  • The connection has timed out
  • Error 522 - Connection Timed Out

FTP access also seems to be down for these accounts and, by extension, the file managers too.

As far as I can tell, you’re affected by this issue if your website is hosted one of the following IP addresses:


If you’re not sure which IP address your account is hosted on, this is how you can find out.

Additionally, the file manager in the control panel seems to be malfunctioning for all accounts. The file manager URL in the client area has been updated to, an alternative MonstaFTP installation by us which does not appear to have this issue.

I don’t have any information yet regarding the cause of these issues, or when they will be fixed. I’ll update this topic as soon as I know more.

Update 10:10 UTC: I’ve just been told by iFastNet that the downtime is caused by the underlying hardware being upgraded from HDD storage to SSD storage. The upgrade is almost complete, and should be completed this afternoon with much greater website speeds!

Update 12:00 UTC: It looks like the maintenance has been completed and all sites have been restored again!

9 Likes worked for me but now it spins endlessly (from CA) :thinking:

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it’s not work for me i’m from (MA) it’s don’t work at all my website is timeout

Ffp totally not working

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please the ftp is not working, you guys should fix it soon

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Im pretty sure my site and ftp is inaccessible with the error “Could not read line from socket”. any solutions anyone? also never worked. it gave the error “An unknown error occurred during authentication”.


my website is down. not sure what the ip is

i used the google tool and found out my website is hosted on

and now too is down for me. I had to upload some important code urgently, and now every option to access file manager is down. WOW!

@adityabhutada It’s because the Ftp is down and file managers have to connect to Ftp in order to work.

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Hi, Is there any way to change the IP address that the site is hosted on?

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mine ftp is not working make it fix quick i have to deliver website to someone


It will be fixed once it’s fixed. If you need a reliable hosting platform, that always works (if you use it for a critical business etc.), don’t use free hosting.

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hi magnus thanks for reply but i am not using it for business i just need to submit it in my university contest and its deadline is tomorrow

I would not rely on free hosting for such critical projects. There are some great web hosts out there specially made for education purposes.

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and file manager not working .
filezilla ftp not working .

client area file manager not working .

please fix that so that i can move my site to paid hosting .
out from this fuck .

Our own installation on worked for a time, but it’s not working anymore. I suspect that this is some kind of rate limiting implemented on the FTP servers which banned our file manager as well.

I’m still waiting on more information from iFastNet.

@new-user If you have a copy of the data yourself, you can always create a new hosting account. This new account will likely be created on a different website IP, which will work. It should be noted that only a few percent of all websites are affected by this issue.

@tghutkarsh If you’re looking to upgrade to premium hosting, please contact iFastNet about this. They may still be able to migrate your website from the unavailable server, but they will know for sure.

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