sometimes by website loading very slow
why server proble?

(other information and details relevant to your question)

Using free subdomain is always slower.
You can get free domain from freenom.
As you are using WordPress, it is better to use a caching plugin to speed up the website.

the better is for you is buy free domains at

(if you are looking for only free domains…)

may be your own domains faster than infinity free sub-domains

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If you want to make your Site faster then you have to buy an custom domain from or from or from something else you want to buy and then setup Cloudflare on your WordPress using this Cloudflare Plugin.

Why Cloudflare plugin

  • Becuase Cloudflare provides free SSL certificate which makes your site faster and secure,
  • It also Minify your HTML, CSS, Javascript code (from your permission) to make faster loading,
  • It improves SEO, and protects against DDoS attacks,
  • Automatic cache purge on website updates,
  • It provides you One-click setup.

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