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I can no longer see my website after I switched everything over to infinityfree. I only see a page that says “Let’s make something awesome!” Where is my website?

You should have your own index.html or upload your website files inside the htdocs (Delete the index2.html if you want).

You can find more useful support articles from the link above that will help you to start your own website using InfinityFree.


where would i find that index.html file?

Do you have your own website files right?

So upload it inside the htdocs (FTP Manager > htdocs)

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I don’t know where to find my own website files. The last web hosting service company does not want to help me.

The index.html is your own website main page or home page.

You should have at least one, and you should also have an css file and javascript files for your website and in order to make your website looks better.

Please, please, contact your previous hosting provider if you already have your own website files in there. Get it. Then we will help you to migrate your website here on InfinityFree.

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You can just also use the Wordpress CMS if you just want to have a website for blogging etc.

To install Wordpress, Navigate to Control Panel > Softaculous > Wordpress > Install > Quick Install

ok i was able to get my website files in a .zip file. What do I do from here?

Unzip it and upload the extracted files one by one into-inside htdocs. Using FileZilla (an FTP Client Software)

Feel free to follow this, also:


Ok all of the files have been uploaded one by one into htdocs. Now what do I do?

Clear your browser caches and visit your site again.


Thank you so much for your help. I got it to work finally:)

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