Website & WP Dashboard not working after adding SSL Certificate from Cloudflare, Really simple SSL

Okay sir… Thanks for your service.

Can you guide through using infinityfree ssl or is there any video that has the description

Just go to the InfinityFree client area, click on SSL, and follow the on-screen prompts.

It is quite straightforward, and the system will guide you through the entire thing.

If you get stuck in a specific spot, let us know, but make sure to provide details about what happened.


Okay sir/ma

Excuse me where do I get the Department - Security Division

That’s not what I told you to do.

If you already have a certificate: Open the control panels SSL/TLS page and install it

If you want a certificate from InfinityFree: Open the SSL page in the client area (Not the control panel) and request a certificate


Done sir/ma :white_check_mark:

I hope my account won’t get suspend… I’m seeing alot of reviews on that :tired_face:

Most of the time people only write reviews when something goes wrong, most people don’t bother to write them if everything is working fine. We don’t suspended accounts unless we have a reason too.

Once the certificate is issued, you can use the one-click install method in the client panel to install the certificate.


Sure thanks… I think I’ll leave a great reviews

Thanks once again :smiling_face:

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