Website weird spike in traffic

Username: epiz_26007524

I am getting a flood of traffic for some reason I can’t figure out why, I haven’t really put this in loads of areas online yet, so I don’t know why the cause is for all this. Also, this single graph doesn’t really help. I’m Getting emails from iFastNet suggesting I upgrade because they think the site “has become quite successful” when it hasn’t at all and I don’t intend it to be “successful”.

The only thing I could think is that I have started livestreaming as of recently and have some assets hosted here as a place to store them (with triggers with using web frames displayed on stream) but I wouldn’t think that would be calling the site TWO THOUSAND times.

Ofc I am still trying to see if that’s the issue or not but I can’t see much with only this, that is lagging behind a week if that is either infinityfree’s or iFastNet’s doing it doesn’t really help and I shouldn’t have to upgrade just to see it might be or not.

Started getting emails from IFN from last week and just got one now.



Here are some recommendations to help reduce your hits usage (and make your website load faster in the process):

  • Remove unnecessary Javascript and CSS files from your pages.
  • Leverage browser caching to reduce the number of hits for subsequent page views.
  • Combine Javascript and CSS files to single files.
  • Enable a caching service like Cloudflare on your website to reduce requests to static files.

Please consider reading the article about daily hits. Also there are many factors affecting the daily hits limit such as the resources your code uses etc.

There might be a kind of an attack to your website. I’d suggest if you use your own Top Level Domain to enable Cloudflare for both caching and protection.

Please let me know if this helped.


Cloudflare does have the benefit of giving you another source of traffic statistics, which can help you see if our traffic spike is real or not.

But for the purpose of reducing hits usage, Cloudflare’s more permissive security constraints may actually increase load, even after considering caching, especially if this traffic spike is caused by bot traffic. So do please keep that in mind.


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