Website taking a very long time to load

Error Message

No page is displayed for over a minute. The site just keeps on spinning with a white pagem but will eventually show the page. I’ve tried this on numerous ISPs, as well as different devices (computers, phones, etc) and I get the same results.

Other Information

nothing has changed on my end.


You are using WordPress, and my guess is that you have a lot of heavy plugins activated on your website, as even reloading the page a few times does not make it faster.

Please provide a list of all of the plugins on your site, active or inactive.



This just started happening. I haven’t added any plugins in well over a year. I use Elementor, Elementor - Header, Footer and Blocks, Disable Gutenberg, SmashBalloon Instagram Feed, Starter Templates, Updraft Plus, WP Mail SMTP, and WP Forms Lite.

That is probably one reason why. Free hosting does not technically meet the minimum hosting requirements for Elementor. I highly recommend that you use the WordPress basic/core/default editor instead, or upgrade to premium.

Please don’t use automated backup plugins here, they use a lot of server power, and cause suspensions


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