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I cannot raise a support ticket, it says try again later every time.

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My website does not contained any harmful content. I don’t believe if it overloaded your server but if it did then let me know how can I avoid it.

I’m sorry, but suspended websites can only be reactivated or directly helped with by the official support staff through the ticket system. Nobody here on the forum has the ability to unsuspend accounts.
Your client area should tell you why your account was suspended. I’m sorry if the ticket system is down right now, but you’ll have to wait for it to be restored before you can make any progress.


Thank you for your reply !
I am having issue with the submitting the ticket. Every time it says “an error occurred while trying to add your reply. Please try again later”.
I am trying since hours and I am not sure if it’s down for me or for everyone else.

It’s just you.

I checked the actual error, and it seems like the ticket system for the abuse tickets just don’t accept new messages in your topic.

I’m not sure why that is, but it probably doesn’t help that the ticket you’re replying to is from April last year.

I’ve closed that ticket now. So you can create a new ticket for any new suspension. That said, it seems that your account has already been reactivated.


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