Website suspended

i think that u guys give unlimeted storage net but why this error popo up i know ur server being loaded but why then give unlimited storage there is no freeking way that i trusted this hosting
website link -


Please provide a domain name, and some context

That is correct.

What error? Where is the error?

Can you also provide a domain name like the template asks for?

It looks like your website is suspended. Can you visit the client area and tell us why?

Your account was suspended because you hit the **MySQL Usage Limits

You can read this article to learn more, and how to prevent this in the future.

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means if i am unabke to reduce that database i have to purchase premium hosting so why ther is writen unlimeted database

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Where is it written “unlimited database” ?

I don’t see that anywhere. IF provides unlimited bandwidth like @FreeServices said, but the only thing I can find about MySQL is this:

  • 400 MySQL Databases

IF does not advertise or provide unlimited databases.

it works

Just because we provide unlimited bandwidth doesn’t mean that everything else that could possibly be done with that bandwidth is also unlimited. Our servers, as with every computer that has ever existed, has limited capacity and power, and we need to take precautions to prevent individual websites from using an unfair amount of it and overloading the server for everyone else.

Your website was overloading the database server, so we had to take action.


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