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My website got suspended and till now I haven’t yet received any clarification from InifinityFree regarding the issue.
In the client area no information is provided regarding why it is suspended nor in my deactivation history.
Can someone please provide further information as why the website has been suspended?

As the VPanel says, Open a support ticket at, and you will get a response from what it was, however more often they either,
a, Send an email
b, Show the reason in the VPanel.

There is no reason stated for suspension of domain in the vpanel.

Then open a support ticket and politely ask, and tell them your account number e.g epiz_123456789

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I checked your account and it clearly says that your account was suspended for hitting the daily Entry Process limit. If you check the Deactivation History, you can click the limit name and you’ll be sent to an article which goes into detail as to what the limit is all about.

When the account was suspended, we also sent you an email notifying you about that.

So I’m not sure where you’ve looked that you say that you haven’t received any information. Because as far as I can tell, you’ve been informed quite well about why your account was suspended.


I would request you to check once and verify before replying.
You are referring to an old Deactivation for hitting the daily EPL that happened on 2020-07-11.

Here what I am talking about is my website got suspended for no reason and now I can’t even login to Softaculous Apps Installer. Every time I visit It says “Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry” even after waiting for 20 minutes it throws the same error.

Here to solve this, if I have got something to do then please tell me or else if it’s from your end then fix this ASAP.

If you’re seeing that message, it means your account is not suspended. If your account was suspended, you wouldn’t have had the option to open Softaculous at all.

In this case, there was an issue with Softaclous.

How exactly you drew the conclusion that your account must have been suspended is not clear to me.

Please forgive me for looking at your account’s suspension when you ask why your account is suspended, when your account isn’t actually suspended.


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