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While I was uploading some files to the ftp the website stopped working, I can’t see my files anymore, connect to the ftp via external software nor via dashboard, if I try to manually add the ftp password an authentication error comes up. Did I just lose all my work?

The account is marked as Active in the dashboard so I can’t find out what’s the issue.

great my files were all deleted now it’s working and everything is reset. Can I get my files back?

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what happened to your files, and I don’t think there is any way we can recover whatever you had.

I’m afraid you will have to reupload your website files if you have them, or recreate them.


Hey there, I’m currently reworking the files from my cache luckily I didn’t reset it. I hope this won’t happen next time and I’ll make a backup. Thanks for the reply.

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