Website still redirecting to suspendeddomain

After the banner was removed, my ‘main domain’ is still redirecting to Was wondering if this was a fault on my part (I don’t seem to be actually suspended) or on yours - perhaps I have misunderstood something?

Username : epiz_23322753
main domain :

Many thanks :slight_smile:

The “main domain” is just an internal identifier. You can’t choose it, you can’t change it and you can’t upload any website to it. It’s sometimes useful if you want to setup external nameservers. But outside of that, you can just ignore it.

Oh, thanks!
So how might I access a PHP script I have uploaded via FTP?
I thought it would be mywebsite/htdocs/script.php (I have uploaded it inside htdocs) but this hasn’t worked :frowning:

(I keep getting 403 Forbidden errors)

Thanks again, sorry for my ignorance.

I don’t know. Can you share the full website URL to where you would expect the script to be available?

Hey, I think the issue is completely with me -
It should be (and I believe is) at and this seems to work in browser but I am accessing it using another script so I believe it may be a permission issue. Thanks for your help!

Maybe I should make a new .htaccess file or something ?

In that case, you’re probably encountering this security system:

In short, we provide website hosting. Websites are sets of pages which are supposed to be viewed by people through web browsers. API hosting, database hosting and file distribution (CDN) are not websites, and cannot be hosted on InfinityFree.

Oh, that’s it. Thank you for your assistance.
Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere :0

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