Website slow loading

My website is loading very slow i use a freelance script
And i can not active Cloudflare get this error: CLOUDFLARE ERROR : We were unable to identify as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

You’re right it’s very slow

Cloudflare - you need a domain not subdomain like XY.epizy .com

how to get a free domain? here

then use cloudflare because it gives you free ssl (https) plus other stuff

Okay thanks i have bought a domain and when i enable cloudflare then my website is not slow anymore?

If it remains slow in the next 24-48h then it is a problem

CloudFlare can help with static resources,
but how I see you have some login forms, etc. (dynamic - and such things are not puted in cache for many reasons)

Okay thanks for help i gonna enable cloudflare in a few hours

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I added my domain but i get this error when i visit the website: 403 Forbidden folder and index.php or index.html file exist ?

Oh no i dindt that


My website is stil a bit slow is there a way that i can fix that?

Can you check why on
returns error 500 for file

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