Website returning 522 timed out

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

the one that loads:
the one that does not load: (Yes, I installed wp in a subdirectory)

Error Message

From the one that half-loads: (Chrome inspect) ERR_ABORTED 522
From the one that does not load: (Cloudflare) Error code 522 Connection timed out

Other Information

I have two sites on one hosting account(epiz_33290305), both are proxied via Cloudflare and have SSL set to “strict” mode (there are self-signed certificates on the InfinityFree site)

I was trying to find a way to have wordpress automatically generate static sites to be pushed to a serverless hosting service (on the way, if you know of a way to do this without simply static pro, please let me know) and then…I got the 522 error from cloudflare.
Then I tried to visit the main domain ( and it loaded…but the site was broken. A quick look in inspect showed that there were only 2 requests that returned 200 and one(the index file) returned 302. The rest (maybe 20 to 30 requests?) were all timed out.

I went to the control panel and there is no visible interdiction that my hosting account is suspended. (BTW, it’s on volume 14_4). Did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I just posted and now the site is working…strange.
Something probably went down on iFastNet’s side
So I guess to anyone who is experiencing the same issue: wait a few minutes
I’m beyond confused right now :melting_face:

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It seems like that about half an hour something happened that caused a number of servers to go down briefly. The entire thing appears to have lasted less than 20 minutes or so.


Yes, it happened a couple minutes before I started typing and ended right after I finished typing (mabye I am just too slow at typing)

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